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Each of your scenes requires a background image that defines how that scene should look. You can add backgrounds to your game by including PNG files in your project's assets/backgrounds folder.

Color Requirements

Background PNGs must only contain the following four colors:

Download the GB Studio Palette Swatches for:
Adobe Photoshop

Colors that are not one of the above hex codes will be matched to the nearest color. Unlike sprites, the color #65ff00 can not be used in backgrounds.

Size Requirements

  • Backgrounds are divided into 8pxx 8px tilesets so the total image size must be a multiple of 8px in both width and height.
  • A background has a minimum size of 160px x 144px (the GB screen size)
  • Both the width and height of a background must be less than or equal to 2040px.
  • The width of the image multiplied by the height must be less than or equal to 1,048,320. For example an image with the width 2016px will have a max height of 520px (because 2016 * 520 = 1048320)

Tile Requirements

An image can contain no more than 192 unique 8px x 8px tiles at once due to memory limits. This means that even using the smallest background size possible you must repeat about half of your tiles. Where possible repeat tiles between images as they will be grouped together saving on total game size. It is recommended to use a tile map editor such as Tiled to ensure your backgrounds conform to the pixel grid.

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