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Your project contains a number of files in assets/ui with fixed file names that define parts of your game's user interface. Editing these files allows you to change the default font, set the window frame and modify the selection cursor.

If you remove any of the files in the ui folder they will be replaced with the default assets the next time you build your game allowing you to revert any unwanted changes.


Edit this file to change the game's font when talking to actors in your game.


The game engine uses 9-slice scaling of this image to create the frame around text boxes. Editing this image will allow you to change the frame design or set it to a solid color.


This image is used as a selection cursor when showing multiple choice options in your game.


This image used to define the look of the emote bubbles that can be shown above actors using scripting. Each bubble is 16px x 16px in size and the each bubble represents Shock, Question, Love, Pause, Anger, Sweat, Music and Sleep in that order left to right.


With the exception of emotes.png which follows the standard sprite requirements, UI PNGs must only contain the following four colors:

Download the GB Studio Palette Swatches for:
Adobe Photoshop
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